qhse statement

DOHA MOUNTAIN TRADING & CONTRACTING intends to be acknowledged as a QHSE leader by adopting a primary vision of zero harm and Quality Integrated Management System (IMS).


In recognition of the risks we are required to manage and to ensure a strong efficient, Quality Management and Health and Safety culture. We have developed increasingly rigorous systems and process to control risk and to ensure we meet the compliance with government rules, regulations and international regulatory and statutory standards.

qhse statement

 The directors of DOHA MOUNTAIN TRADING & CONTRACTING are ultimately responsible throughout the company for policy and ensuring its effective implementation and development to comply with the company standards ensuring legal compliance and continual improvement. They are committed to Improving, communicating and reviewing the evocativeness of the IMS implementation across all departments and projects in order to initiate awareness to personnel of their individual QHSE obligations.
DOHA MOUNTAIN TRADING & CONTRACTING shall take into effect any modifications to this policy brought about by changes to legislation. The Company will continually conduct internal audit and internal compliance reviews to assess compliance against all relevant policy and standards. As a result of this the DOHA MOUNTAIN TRADING & CONTRACTING Board is assured that appropriate management systems, processes and procedures are in place to manage health and safety issues.