DOHA MOUNTAIN TRADING & CONTRACTING Company is serving for more than a decade in Construction Industry providing Manpower Services and accumulated in experience in concrete structures, decorative and industrial coating,mansory work, gypsum installation, and various architectural finishes. It is committed to the client's requirement and often time sensitive needs.

About Our Company

We Believe in the Obligation to our Client's by:

  • Conducting our business operations according to the highest professional and industry standards.
  • Providing innovative solutions which enhance value. Faithfully execute and fulfill all contractual obligations.
  • Expand our knowledge through the constant study of the best business practices and utilization of the latest technical advances in our profession and industry.
  • Conduct ourselves in a professional manner at all times. Adhering to local laws and administrative regulations regarding the use and disposal paints, coatings, and related materials.

We Believe in the Organization of our Employees by:

  • Providing opportunities for training, career advancement an economic security in a progressive manner to all those who would apply themselves. Providing a safe working environment by establishing good safety practices in compliance with local laws and administrative regulations.
  •  Following local employment laws and regulations. Using the above principals as a self-measure, we guarantee the satisfaction of our work and professionalism.

"We are a Group of Highly Skilled Professional Committed to the Vision of Success in our Projects"
We are inspired to go beyond expectations, over a superior quality construction service. Our core purpose is to be known as the best by providing our services to our clients.
Our company mission statement is to be the preeminent provider of superior construction services by consistently delivering high quality and cost effective projects on schedule.

Our values define us in our relationship with our colleagues and clients and influence our decisions. We make the well-being of our people our top priority everywhere, we work by nurturing a culture that lives and breathes safely. We are committed to upholding high ethical standards in all we do. We lead by example, act responsibly to make a positive contribution to our communities.


"We have the vision, policy and the Qualified Staffs which are the valuable assets for success in construction. The cumulative vast experience of our valuable Team in the construction field enables us to commit ourselves to execute projects to the High Quality and Standards of divergent types of Construction from conception to delivery considering always the safety of all manpower. To be trusted Trading & Contracting provider in Qatar driven by excellence through innovation, quality, teamwork, advanced technologies, and customized care offerings. Our client's satisfaction is the ultimate goal of our company and they deserve the best".



This manual has been prepared in accordance with the Quality Assurance System to MOUNTAIN TRADING & CONTRACTING. DOHA  It has been developed for the purpose of communicating, policies, procedures requirements as well as  implementing an effective system and providing means by which the continuity of the quality system can be reviewed, improved and amended.


It is the policy to provide to its client and customers, goods and services that consistently meet the minimum  requirements demanded by a particular project or contract and will endeavor to meet the needs and expectations of its customers. Compliance with procedures that support the quality system is mandatory, such procedures accurately reflect working practices and can where necessary by modified with the approval of the quality representative to accommodate improvements recommended by any individual within the company.

quality assurance



The quality system developed by DOHA MOUNTAIN TRADING & CONTRACTING and described in this manual meets the requirement of the internationally recognized quality standard.

Level 1 Quality Assurance Manual (This document)

The purpose of this manual is to set out in general terms, quality policies, organizations, procedures and practices of DOHA MOUNTAIN TRADING & CONTRACTING.

Level 2 control Procedures

A document that specifies in detail, the exact operations to be followed in the completion of a particular task, within a department and the interfaces with other departments.

Level 3 Procedure Support
This level covers all data and documents used to support the procedures.

  • Reports Work Instructions
  • Records Inspection Plans
  • Registers Method Statements

DOHA MOUNTAIN TRADING & CONTRACTING's primary responsibilties as a Speciality Building
Contracting Company is to provide and maintain a comprehensive Safety Programmers based on the best practices of the construction industry as well as those of our clients and host government. The Safety Program that will be implemented on this project embodies the prevention of accidental, injury, occupational illness and property damage. The company will cooperate with the Main Contractor to provide and maintain a safe, hazard free work place for their employees for fellow workers and the general public.

This Project Safety Program will ensure the involvement and active participation of all employees of DOHA MOUNTAIN TRADING & CONTRACTING assigned to this project by enforcing the required safety training to promote recognition of unsafe acts, potential and actual hazards and the need for immediate corrective action to be taken. All employees shall be constantly aware of their response to work in a safe


health & environment

It's our policy to provide and maintain safety and loss prevention programs consist with the best practices of the construction industry as well as those of our clients and host government. This policy is to provide that no employee will be put at risk of life, limb or health by any procedure or standard practice. Commitment to this safety and loss prevention program is formed and aggressive. Moreover, it is the responsibility of every employee to support and promote safety and loss programs in order to ensure a safe working environment and successful completion of project with minimum risk. No employee will operate any powered machinery without a Qatari License if required, and/or certificate of competence signed by a nominated representative of the company.